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Nginx CP Installation

We just installed NginxCP on our server. So far it is working great. Nginx is working on front end for static files, and passes everything else to Apache. Of course. However key thing here is: it is working with WHM, we can control, restart Nginx along with Apache, watch its statuses and so on. Great […]

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Further optimization

Today we optimized CodeAndMore to just have 17 requests, 100/100 score for performance grade given by Pingdom Tools:   100/100 performance score on Pingdom Tools YSlow Score is now 99. Highest possible if we know Google Analytisc always is set to score B. PageSpeed score is 99. Still of course.

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Nginx on a VPS – user trick

As we know, Nginx is faster than Apache to serve static files. Recently CodeAndMore installs nginx as its default however we met difficulty with “nginx” user, which is different than WHM – Apache – PHP user. Difficult to backup by Cpanel, harder to upload files via SFTP etc… Until we found that it is possible […]

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CSS Sprite for

We have 127 elements on home page of, and we expecting less than 50 elements so: less requests faster load Current progress: optimized to less than 40 elements. Loading speed optimized. More details to come.

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