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Nginx CP Installation

We just installed NginxCP on our server. So far it is working great. Nginx is working on front end for static files, and passes everything else to Apache. Of course. However key thing here is: it is working with WHM, we can control, restart Nginx along with Apache, watch its statuses and so on. Great […]

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Spam Protection: Alert when there are spammers sending email from your server

For a few recent days we experienced that someone hacked into one of our accounts and use it to send spam massively. We immediately change that account (and all others)’ password and apply higher security protection. But to be sure that we know if any problems sooner (before the server is blacklisted by Google mail, […]

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Nginx on a VPS – user trick

As we know, Nginx is faster than Apache to serve static files. Recently CodeAndMore installs nginx as its default however we met difficulty with “nginx” user, which is different than WHM – Apache – PHP user. Difficult to backup by Cpanel, harder to upload files via SFTP etc… Until we found that it is possible […]

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Upgrade php to 5.3.x – ffmpeg

When we tried to upgrade Plesk PHP to 5.3.x ffmpeg-php does not work so we have to upgrade that as well. Procedure is: login as root mkdir /src cd /src wget tar -xjf ffmpeg-php-0.6.0.tbz2 cd ffmpeg-php-0.6.0 OK so we have ffmpeg 0.6.0 (latest, and it was very long time ago since its last commit), […]

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