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Drupal – Use thumbnail image field

Assume we have image field field_featured_image, but we want to have another image thumbnail field (for example this thumbnail needs to be wider): Add another image field field_featured_image_thumb Enable Views PHP module Add the field_featured_image_thumb field to view, also Global PHP, enter below code into [Output code]   Always remember that Global PHP must be […]

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Spam Protection: Alert when there are spammers sending email from your server

For a few recent days we experienced that someone hacked into one of our accounts and use it to send spam massively. We immediately change that account (and all others)’ password and apply higher security protection. But to be sure that we know if any problems sooner (before the server is blacklisted by Google mail, […]

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Further optimization

Today we optimized CodeAndMore to just have 17 requests, 100/100 score for performance grade given by Pingdom Tools:   100/100 performance score on Pingdom Tools YSlow Score is now 99. Highest possible if we know Google Analytisc always is set to score B. PageSpeed score is 99. Still of course.

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IE6 Support Drop-off

Dear Clients, We are not going to support IE6 in cross browsers list from now on. Thanks.

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